Stone Wool Cheviot

The Aran-weight American Cheviot yarn really is the sheep’s knees. We can’t get enough of its bounce or the cushy loft of the garments we knit in it.
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American Cheviot grow a sturdy, hardwearing fleece with a distinctive helical crimp, and it’s this crimp which adds extra bounce to the already airy structure of our carefully designed woolen-spun yarn. 

The yarn’s color pallet features painterly blends of blacks, blues, reds, and yellows to create rich, multi-toned heathers.

100% American Cheviot Wool from Pennsylvania
Spun: New Hampshire

Aran Weight 
Yardage: Approx. 180 yards [164 M] / 100g
Gauge: 4 sts per inch on size US 8 Needle, 3.5 sts pr inch on size US 9 Needle
Spin: 2-ply, woolen