Cocoknits Kraft Bin

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Each cylinder bin is made of washable kraft paper fabric and has one 3in / 8cm tab loop for hanging.

This is the same kraft paper fabric you learned in Cocoknits Kraft Caddy, Project Portfolio, and Maker’s Board. It is ideal for dyeing and embellishing and sturdy enough to stand up on its own.

Each bin comes packaged with a scrap piece to test dyeing techniques.

Sizing information:

  • Small – 7.5″/ 19 cm dia., 7.5″ / 19 cm tall
    one or two working yarn cakes
  • Medium – 8.75″ / 22 cm dia., 10.5″ / 27 cm tall
    sweater quantity of yarn
  • Large – 11.75″ / 30 cm dia., 15.75″ / 40 cm tall
    yarn and project