Diagonal Openwork Scarf

Diagonal Openwork Scarf Designed by Sally Mahood for Art of Yarn

This versatile scarf can be worn in many ways. You can use it as a wrap or knot it and wind around several times to make a light drapey infinity scarf. The pattern can be easily adapted to almost any yarn and any size that you wish. The sample shown is knit with 2 skeins of Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Fine (50% merino wool, 50% silk, 100 g/ 380 yds in the colour oxblood). Any finger weight yarn (around 28 sts per 10 cm or 4”) would work . A pure wool may not have as much drape as a yarn with a silk or viscose component.

Tools & Materials: 2 skeins of 100 grams of finger weight yarn (approx 800 Metres), 5.00 mm needles, a darning needle.

Pattern Stitch:
1st Row and all odd # rows: (Right Side) *yo,K2tog; repeat from * to last 4 sts 2nd Row and all even # rows: Purl

Cast on 70 sts.

Note: On the first stitch of every row knit in the back of the stitch. On the last stitch of every row purled in the back of the stitch. (this makes a chainette edge). If you prefer another edge stitch it will not matter.

Knit 4 rows using the edge stitch as noted above.
Begin Pattern:
On the beginning and end of every row work the edge stitch and 3 additional stitches in the knit stitch. This will form as garter stitch edging.

Row 1: Work 4 edge stitches then work the pattern stitch to the last 4 stitches.
Row 2: Work 4 edge stitches and then purl to the last 4 edge stitches.

Repeat this pattern until you have reached desired length or until you have enough yarn left to work 5 more rows.
Knit 4 rows and bind off knitwise.

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