Adventure Knitting 2: The Mysterious Trunk

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Choose each element of your mysterious trunk knitting adventure - make shawls, cowls, scarves, dishcloths, kerchiefs, tops, blankets, all in custom sizes, and any weight yarn (no gauge swatch needed). Use 24 different stitch patterns, making choices with fortune telling items found on the adventure. All shapes/items are worked flat, using increases and decreases for shaping; the 24 stitch patterns are both written and charted, and the 6 shape patterns are written.

Gauge: any gauge

Finished Measurements: any sizes

Materials Used: any type of yarn(s), most items take 1-3 skeins worth, in 1 main color, with optional contrasting color(s) and/or color changes

Needle Size: needles sized to match yarn weight; all items are worked flat, but some items require a long circular to hold all the stitches

Pattern Includes: mix and match patterns for 6 different shapes (to make a dishcloth, top, blanket, kerchief, triangle shawl, scarf, cowl, bent scarf/wrap, polygon shaped shawl/wrap, crescent shawl), 24 different stitch patterns, all written and charted, notes, adventure story about finding the mysterious trunk, divination cards printed on the back cover, and instructions on how to download and print the other fortune telling items

Skill Level: adventurous beginner / intermediate and up - the stitch patterns range in difficulty level, and any of them can be skipped; the construction is simple for most items, but you are required to follow the shape instructions and the stitch patterns at the same time

Other Details: This is a paperback book, 8.25 x 5.25 inches and 36 pages. With all the options mixed and matched with each other, this collection can potentially make hundreds of different items; thousands, really, taking into account that any item can be made with any weight yarn. This is the kind of book that can be used over and over again, as a stash-buster, gift maker, a way to learn new techniques, and just a generally fun way to knit custom items!