A Knitting Life 2

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How are we rounded off by the events of our lives, interpersonal encounters, places and experiences? And what does a craftsman create?

"A Knitting Life - out in the world" is the second volume in a series of three, in which Marianne Isager talks about her life with knitting over five decades. Here we have reached the 90s, when Marianne Isager really begins to look around the world. We follow her on her travels to Latin America, Africa, Greenland and Nepal. Here the doors were opened to a wealth of inspiration. Not only patterns on textiles, baskets and pottery but also buildings, landscapes and all the wonderful things that fill the mind and soul when you visit a new place and feel the country's traditions, food, people and history, so that it creeps right into the body. As in the first volume, a number of her earlier and most striking models are shown, which were typical of the time and the inspiration the travels brought to her designs. The book also contains 16 completely new models with knitting patterns that build on the inspiration from the travels. What they all have in common is the good craftsmanship, combined with a high yarn quality.

The anchor in the years of the many journeys is still the small town of Tversted in northern Vendsyssel. Tversted is also home to the yarn company Isager, which is today run by Marianne Isager and her daughter Helga Isager.