Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers

Cocoknits' new Limited Edition Triangle Stitch Markers are designed with an angled shape to stand out from your knitting. They slide easily along your needle, and the bold black & white colors are visible against any yarn color.
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Each set of markers comes in an adorable logo-stamped steel tin with hinged lid. Includes 6 black and 6 white markers in each of the three sizes (36 total), which accommodate needle sizes up to 4mm / US 6, 5.5mm / US 9, and 8mm / US 11 respectively.

Tin and coated-metal markers all cling to the Cocoknits Maker’s Keep or any magnet. The tin is sized to exactly fit the surface of a Maker’s Keep. Throw in a few of your other styles of Cocoknits stitch markers for on-the-go knitting!