Shibui Les Garçons Collaboration

Introducing Soirée, Boréal and Rosé: three colors inspired by the Canadian winter. Designed by Max and Vincent of Les Garçons.
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Our newest collaboration, Les Garcons + Shibui Knits, showcases their clever, non-gendered designs in colors inspired by the Canadian winterscape.


“A color inspired by the cold winter nights by the fire. Grey is our favorite neutral!”


“A color inspired by the Canadian forests we grew up with: dark green with hints of blue.”


“A muted pink with hints of grey. It appears more grey when paired with Soirée and more pink when paired with Boréal.”

Available In: Haven

80% Extra Fine Merino
20% Cashmere

160yds | 50g

21-22sts = 4" on 4mm

Available in: Nest

75% Fine Highland Wool 
25% Alpaca

175yds | 50g

20-22 sts = 4" on 4mm

Available in: Pebble

48% Recycled Silk 
36% Fine Merino 
16% Cashmere

224yds | 25g

25sts = 4" on 3.25mm

Available in: Silk Cloud

60% Kid Mohair  
40% Silk
330yds | 25g
20sts = 4" 4.5mm