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Brigitte Pollock

Brigitte is an excellent knitter who has been knitting, in her words, forever. She learned from her mother at a very early age, and has a real passion for the craft. She turns out beautiful garments at a frightening pace, and you will often see her wearing her gorgeous hand knit creations in the shop.
Cathy Daniel Sept 2013

Cathy Daniel

Cathy has been with us since we opened in 2005. She came to us as an expert knitter and hasn't stopped creating wonderful things since. She loves garments and accessories and has a special fondness for knitted toys. If you have a problem or need suggestions on colour then ask Cathy - she has done it all already.
chris campbell

Chris Campbell

Chris is the person we go to when we want to know what's hot and trending now. She is always in touch with the newest designs and designers. She is an exceptionally good knitter and has done every type of work. Being a math teacher as well as being creative she seems to be able to do things that trouble some of us. Join one of her classes and you will have fun, be challenged and learn lots.

Laurie Mehus

Laurie is our newest friendly face who is here to help you with all your knitting needs. She has a great background in customer service and absolutely loves knitting. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she will have you wanting to make one of everything!
Sue Riphagen

Sue Riphagen

Sue has been our primary instructor for over 10 years. She is patient and kind, and her students love her. We are all a little sad when she goes on vacation. Sue is a perfect knitter and can do anything. Her classes are always full and she has a loyal following. If you want to learn better techniques then there is no better teacher for you.

Tara Liddicoat

Tara is an enthusiastic knitter and crocheter, and is very talented at other crafts and photography. Tara focuses on challenging herself to learn new knitting skills and she churns out beautiful projects at a rate that put us to shame. She is our go-to person about what is happening in the knitting universe and all matters technical. You can meet Tara in the shop, and she occasionally teaches Custom Fit, knitting & crochet classes.