About Art of Yarn

The Store

An Online Yarn Store?

Art of Yarn was established in 2005 and was opened to meet the needs of the local knitting community. We quickly discovered that the community of knitters is a global, not local, phenomenon. With that discovery we opened our online yarn store in 2011, to better serve knitters who didn’t have local access to the best of what the knitting community has to offer.

What We Have

We aim to offer a wide selection of the best of the fibre world: fabulous yarns, great tools for knitting and crochetingbooks, and accessories - all the things that you might need, want and love. We love to work with fibre also, so we stock a good selection of fibre and tools for fibre felters.

We have every fibre imagineable, such as: alpacamohair  merino,  silk, linen and cotton - you name it. We especially love Artisan Yarns - yarns that are handcrafted or handpainted to be unique and beautiful.


Why We Do It


We are very passionate about what we do! It is important to us to that what we do will impact the world, and life, in a positive way. We try to always buy ethically-produced products and goods that are kind to our environment and benefit the lives of the workers involved in the production. We hope that the creative process of working with fibre will draw people closer to the cycle of life and the natural world, and be an empowering factor in their lives.

Where We Are

Our shop is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Those of us who live here think it is a little piece of heaven on earth! Kelowna is situated on Okanagan Lake, amid mountains, orchards and fabulous wineries. We hope we meet you soon in person!

Sally Mahood

Art of Yarn