Twig & Horn All Purpose Carrying Case

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The All Purpose Carrying Case is an essential utility for crafters and knitters, providing a convenient and compact place to hold our most indispensable tools. Made from hearty 12 oz canvas, these cases are easy keepers and incredibly durable.

Designed with 8 spaces for DPN sets or writing utensils, 2 large pockets for fixed circular needles, 2 spots for tapestry needles or small cable needles, 2 slanted pockets for scissors, and two large pockets for other miscellanea, our cases can fit almost all of our favorite knitting tools in one handy case.

The case has a back pocket height of 6”, with a maximum carrying height of 8”, which facilitates most writing utensils and DPN sets. The lower fixed circular needle pockets are 4” tall and 5.5” wide, roomy enough to stuff multiple sets of needles without the risk of them falling out. The scissor pocket will fit most brands of spring-loaded or small yarn scissors with ease, in an angled pocket perfect for keeping them snug.

These cases are trifold into 5.5” x 8” rectangle tied with a robust leather cord, making it a compact utility to stow away in larger knitting bags.

16.5”x 10.75” flat
5.5” x 8” folded
100% 12 oz cotton canvas finished in the USA
100% 10 oz cotton canvas finished in the USA
American leather strap
Cut and sewn in Maine