Rowan Fine Art

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Half Price Sale on Rowan Fine Art and Fine Art Aran 


Rowan Fine Art of sale

Rowan Fine Art is on sale for $14.97 per skein (regular price $29.95).  Fine Art Aran is on sale for $12.47 per skein (regular price $24.95) while quantities last.

Here are a few free pattern ideas for Rowan Fine Art…or use any pattern that recommends a fingering weight yarn. Starling is a pretty lace shawl or scarf that would be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe or make a lovely gift. Download this free pattern or work this yarn up in your favourite shawl or sock pattern.

Starling wrap is a free Rowan pattern knit with Rowan Fine Art.

Starling wrap is a free Rowan pattern knit with Rowan Fine Art.

Starling Wrap

 Jupiter is a practical, yet elegant cardigan. A classic piece that will stand the test of time. Knit with Rowan Fine Art Aran it will knit up quickly. The effects will vary greatly depending on the shade you pick.

Jupiter is knit with Rowan Fine Art Aran and is a free pattern from Rowan

Jupiter is knit with Rowan Fine Art Aran and is a free pattern from Rowan

 This is a easy reversible cowl. Great for you or for that first Christmas present.

Ribbed Swatch is free cowl pattern from Rowan designed for Rowan Fine Art Aran

Ribbed Cowl is free pattern from Rowan designed for Rowan Fine Art Aran

Happy Knitting with this lovely yarn.


Fruit Stripe Gum Socks

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This is a blog contributor Chrissie’s Knit Times.
Chris is a favourite teacher at Art of Yarn and of course is a dynamite knitter.

 She keeps us on our toes with great ideas….about socks and much more.
These are some great sock ideas to knit Fruit Stripe Gum Socks:
Sockittome   &   Jawoll Magic Socks


Put some pep in your step with Fruit Stripe Gum Socks

Fruit stripe gum socks

Its been hot here, looks like my toes are melting!

What can I say, I love me a pair of bright colourful hand knit socks! No matter what kind of a day you have had or what you are waking up to, for the most part, a pair of happy warm feet can’t help to make you feel a bit better.

I just finished these this past week. It has been hot here, really hot, mid thirties centigrade which translates to the high nineties farenheit. These socks still felt awesome but I must confess I didn’t have a burning urge to wear them for very long.My husband will wear his all through the year, don’t quite get that one. In all fairness I have heard some people enjoy wearing wool socks in the summer as they breathe and they say it helps keep their feet cool.One thing I do like about the fall is I can haul out my socks and start wearing them again. I love knitting socks in the summer, they are small portable projects.

Here’s the skinny on the socks,  the pattern -fruit stripe gum socks using Jawoll Magic Degrade in the colour 0051. Its a bright and snappy colourway. Love it! The big thing in doing this pattern is to find a self striping yarn. Some yarns have long colour blocks, some have short and some are just in the middle (sounds Goldilockian). I think anything would work and look great. If you want to have your sock look more entrelacky maybe go for something that has a colour that repeats every several rows.Come to think of it these would look great in a tonal or a jacquard pattern too. In any event, it is a fun pattern to knit, not the least bit complicated and looks like you are extremely clever and talented, well really even more so than usual! If that is truly possible heh heh!!

Colour 52611- super colourful!

I started this one using Sockittome Bold. It has a bit longer colour changes but I am really liking it. This yarn has oodles of possibilities. I always think of Laugh in when I see Sockittome,was it Arty Johnson or Henry Gibson who always had a gag about it!Oops I just remembered I did my conventional heel flap and not the one in the pattern, force of habit that’s all.

West Highland Terrier

Archie has the right idea, park it in the shade!

Happy knitting friends!

Keep smiling, Chris